Who We Are
The On Fire News Network was launched on August 1st 2014 by founder Daryl Mikell Brooks. On Fire News Network will be a media reform leader in New Jersey.

OFNN serves New Jersey and audiences beyond our borders with a 10 member staff of writers, producers and on-air personalities.

Our Mission
Media plays a huge role in our lives. Television, radio, Internet, movies, books and newspapers inform and influence our ideas, opinions, values and beliefs. They shape our understanding of the world and give us the information we need to hold our leaders accountable.

But our media system is failing. This broken system isn’t natural. For far too long, American media has been corrupted by cozy relationship between the big media corporations and the leaders who they are supposed to cover, by the clubby atmosphere that woos journalists into being mouthpieces for the establishment.

That’s why On Fire News Network was created. We’re working to make media reform a bona fide reality in America. Big Media companies have plenty of lobbyists to do their bidding. We’re making sure the public has a seat at the table. We are building an independent, grassroots movement to give a voice to the concerns of ordinary hard working citizens.

On Fire News Network believes that media reform is crucial not just for creating better news and entertainment, but for advancing the issues that you care about. A vibrant, diverse and independent media is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy.