Pro America Film Gets Derailed By Trenton Local Business Owner

Enhanced Interrogation, a pro-American film, set to begin filming 7/15/17 entirely in the city of Trenton has been spitefully derailed by local businessman and manager of the Lafayette Hotel and Suites, Mashkoor (Moe) Ahmad. Promising to bring business, boost the economy, and provide positive attention to the city of Trenton, Enhanced Interrogation abruptly lost its funding prior to its shoot date of 7/15/17.

Mashkoor (Moe) Ahmad

Bethany Martino

Mashkoor (Moe) Ahmad promised to finance the entirety of movie but backed out of his gentlemanly contract days before filming was scheduled to start, leaving its cast and crew of over 30 people devastated by the news. The youngest actress, 8-year-old Bethany Martino, broke down in tears after her father let her know what happened.


The movie’s veteran director, Terry R. Wickham, stated, “”It’s not every day that the city of Trenton gets an independent film that carries the social magnitude of Enhanced Interrogation. This film is utilizing talented actors and crew that live in the Trenton area, so that they benefit from this work opportunity. We as filmmakers are totally aware of Trenton’s rich patriotic history. It is the main reason why we are shooting Enhanced Interrogation in such a historic town.”

Actress Shaneen Allen

Local Trenton residence and co-screenwriter of the film, Daryl Brooks, stated, “I feel bad for Trenton. I really wanted to something positive for my city and hopefully boost the economy in the process. Moe really let me and the whole city down. Plus, I feel bad for all the actors and crew of the film. They believed in this project and believed in helping the city of Trenton.”

Actor Dewane Parker and actress Raina Williamson

Daryl also relates the story of his and Moe’s final meeting together. He tells of how Moe asked him to stop by his office so that he could write him a check, financing the entire movie. When Daryl arrived for the check, Moe left his office and drove away, promising a check upon his return. After waiting over 3 hours for Moe in his office on a beautiful summer day, Daryl was left empty handed. Moe never returned nor answered any further calls.


Enhanced Interrogation is in desperate need of funding. If $5,000 is not raised immediately, the first weekend of shooting 7/15 will be cancelled. Please help this movie and the city of Trenton by donating to its or Gofundme page at:


By Steven Martino



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