Terry R. Wickham Will Be The New Director Of “Enhanced Interrogation” A Anti Radical Islamic Terrorist Movie

Director, Terry R. Wickham

Terry R. Wickham is a New York based Writer/Director who grew up in Everett & Snohomish, Washington. Terry’s been watching scary movies since he was four years old.  In 1978, Halloween changed Terry’s life, “I couldn’t get the imagery from that movie out of my head and I wanted to be able to do to an audience what John Carpenter did to me.”

Terry started out in filmmaking by taking a TV production course at Snohomish High School.  Since then he studied at filmmaking at New York University and the American Film Institute. Terry also attended HB Studios in Manhattan to learn the craft of acting.

Terry’s first feature film was 132-minute feature film drama called Out of Touch (1995). In the urban horror film Evil Streets (1998), Terry directed the rape-ghost story revenge segment “The Downfall of Johnny Garrett” and “Stalk” starring busty beauty SaRenna Lee.

Currently Terry has two feature films simultaneously in the final stages of post-production. In Devil’s Five (2017) Terry directed three of the installments. “Stash” is based on Hair of the Dog Writer Tim Clark’s screenplay. Terry also wrote and directed the all-important story device segment “The Devil’s Five” which stars rock star Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) International beauty Diana Noris. Plus Terry wrote & directed the highly atmospheric suspense film “Abandoned.

Wickham’s other latest feature is a webcam rooted horror film called Gruesome Threesome (2017), which reunited Terry with Hair of the Dog/Stash Writer Tim Clark.

The short films Wickham has made are: Timber Quest (1986),  One Shot, One Kill (1988), Madame Red (1990), Double Fantasy (1994), Sarah (2000), Washington Road (2001), Help Me (2002) and Hair of the Dog (2003). Washington Road won the international 3 Minute Chillers Contest @ www.urbanchillers.com, which was sponsored by Apple.

Some of the many Music Videos Terry has directed include “Again” for Veronica Freeman, “Fetish” for Voodoo Storm and “The Phoenix” for Michael Knight,

Terry also directed the Teaser Trailer for the psychological thriller Mini-Series XXistence (2015), the 3-minute infomercial Super Punch and Kick Target (2015) for BetterTargets.com and the Trailer for Whatever It Takes (2017).

The name Terry means leader.  The oldest of nine children, Terry combines enthusiasm with an unbelievable work ethic.  Inspired by his favorite three filmmakers Terry says, “I like to use the widescreen film frame like John Carpenter, engineer action in the style of James Cameron and capture cinematic details and performances like Michael Mann gets.”

Set in modern day, RANIM HAMADEI, a foreign-born terrorist, now finds herself legally on American soil, preparing to bring the terror and death from her native country of Afghanistan to the United States. Caught in a routine FBI sting operation, Hamadei’s plot for a 9-11 type terrorist attack is accidently uncovered.

The problem is, the FBI doesn’t know how, doesn’t know where, and doesn’t know by whom the attack will take place. What they do ascertain is that an enormous explosive, that will make Timothy McVey’s fertilizer bomb seem like a sparkler, is set to detonate tomorrow, on 9-11 at exactly 8:48 AM to commemorate the famed Al Qaeda attack.

When conventional interrogation techniques fail to produce any significant information, the question arises weather to utilize more enhanced interrogation methods. Morality is tested as our political leaders grapple with the dilemma they face. The idea between what is right and what is ethical becomes blurred as the tock ticks down to the next 911-type of attack.

Enhanced Interrogation will make you grapple with your own spiritual and ethical beliefs, and keep you thinking long after watching the movie. What is more important or moral to you: America and Americans first or the rights of terrorist captured on US soil? You decide.Please make a contribution to Enhanced Interrogation. Let our CONSERVATIVE VOICES be heard.  The Place New Jersey and Cost of the film $30,000 For info brooksus2008@gmail.com



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  1. The Wickham family “ROCKS”. There’s a lots talent there and I hope Terry is able to break out as a major player with the success of this new feature. Good luck guys!

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